Coping with the effects of dermatitis and its outbreaks in your life

Atopic dermatitis is a skin disease that is common to children aged around 5 years old to adulthood. This condition is for a lifetime but some people can outgrow it. According to abc News Atopic dermatitis and eczema is slightly different but it is often refer as Eczema for some reason. This two term are the same skin diseases with symptoms of redness, dry, and itchy skin. This is not contagious. This is caused by some factors, genetic  and allergies. From the study about the Atopic Dermatitis it is cause from a bacteria that can trigger the symptoms. It will start from itching then rash. It appears usually on the hands, neck, face, and legs. People have this usually have the higher risk of being asthmatic and  risk of contracting of the herpes virus.

There is a cream, pills, or injectable that can be used for treatment however this doesn’t cure the Atopic dermatitis. It may disappear for a long time but when triggers it, it come back due to overactive immune system reaction and a poorly working skin barrier.  Some medicines work better than others, some provide temporary relief only, and some provides a longer-lasting relief depending to the brand and how this react to the skin. There is a new treatment called Biologic Treatment. This is a medicine created from proteins and DNA rather than a combination of chemicals. This is only applicable for patients 12 years and older. There is no cure for this yet but this can be preventive.

To prevent this, you have know the factors that triggers it like the fabrics that you use, sun exposure, stress, soaps or cosmetics. Make sure to use moisturizer after bath for the dryness of the skin, remember atopic dermatitis is a dry rash.

You don’t have to buy over the counter medicine because medicine in the US is expensive. Herbal or natural home remedy is always available to help get rid the itchiness.

  • Aloevera

One of herbal medicine and already proven is aloe vera but make sure your skin is not allergy to it. This has antibacterial, immune system-boosting and wound-healing properties. This can soothe and prevent your skin from bacteria.

  • Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is a well known antibacterial and gives higher protection defense.

  • Bleach

Bleach is an antibacterial and this can be used when taking a bath. Just put half a cup of the bottle in the bathtub and soak for few minutes. This will helps kills the bacteria in the water but be cautious because some people are allergic to the bleach. so check your skin first.

There is only few example. There is a lot. You just need to find what is the right remedy for your sensitive skin but if symptoms persist don’t hesitate to call the doctor for proper medication.