Erectile Dysfunction Preferred Treatment

Important Things about Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunctionErectile Dysfunction (ED or impotence) sometimes called impotence, is continuous or repeated inability to achieve and / or maintaining an erection. Lot of the men occasional or temporary, have erection problems, but that does not mean they have erectile dysfunction. It may not occur every time when man wants an intimate relation, but it must be repeated over time. Many believe that these two terms mean the same, but erectile dysfunction is a more accurate term. Impotence includes erectile dysfunction, but it can also mean other things, such as fear of failure, stress, and depression. Although with age often begins to emerge erectile dysfunction is not an inevitable part of aging.

Causes of ED
The cause of erectile dysfunction can be any disorder that affects the physiological processes that leads to the erection – any disorder that affects the flow of blood to the penis during sexual stimulation. Among the medical conditions commonly associated with erectile dysfunction are heart disease, high blood pressure and diabetes. Some drugs that are used for other health problems can cause erectile dysfunction as a side effect. These include some medicines used to treat high blood and medications taken to treat heart disease, allergies, depression, eating disorders, and ulcers. Some habits can affect erections. These include smoking, excessive alcohol consumption and being overweight.

To diagnose and evaluate erectile dysfunction, doctor must take anamnesis and do a complete physical examination. First, it is important to determine whether a person has erectile dysfunctions or some other form of sexual dysfunction. What is essential is that the term erectile dysfunction is having a consistent problem with getting and / or maintaining an erection necessary to complete sexual intercourse. Erectile dysfunction in most cases cannot be cured, but can be treated effectively. In fact, today, there are new opportunities that can help men to effectively respond to sexual stimulation and improve their erections.

Medications for ED
The most common drugs used to treat erectile dysfunction are: PDE-5 inhibitors, drugs for oral use injections, tablets to be inserted into the urethra, vacuum devices, surgical Implants, herbal and other preparations. Treatments for erectile dysfunction in different people act differently. Oral medications are the preferred choice in cause of ED in men. PDE-5 inhibitors are Viagra (Sildenafil 100mg), Kamagra and Cialis. Latest innovation on Australian medical market is Kamagra Oral Jelly that are easy to take and working with high efficacy.

Sometimes, especially if the last sexual intercourse hasn’t occurred for a long time, treatment does not act in the best manner. If one treatment does not work the way that patient wants, perhaps others it will be better, and that’s why patient should never give up, especially when modern medicine offers many effective solutions for solving this common problem.

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