How to use Kamagra Oral Jelly for men

Kamagra oral jelly is a very useful product for men experiencing erectile dysfunction. The active ingredient in Kamagra oral jelly is sildenafil citrate which is a very popular and effective erection stimulator.
how to use kamagra jelly

Kamagra oral jelly is a novel product due to the way it is administered. It is an oral jelly that tastes great and is easy to use. This jelly is easily used by all people and can benefit older men (who more commonly experience erectile dysfunction anyways) because some people lose the ability to swallow pills in their old age (called dysphagia). The jelly is also in a compact that is easy to conceal and can provide men some relief from the embarrassment of taking a pill.

Kamagra precautions and contraindications

The medication does not have any contraindications (other than if you have lost part of your genitals or if you have had ischemic neuropathy), but because it is a very active medication it is imperative that you take care to get labs done to check your kidney and liver function before beginning this treatment. Additionally, if you already have issues with your liver or kidney, speak to your doctor before using this. You can store it in your regular medicine cabinet, it does not need any special storage. It also should only be used in men. It should not be used in women. Precautions should be utilized if you should not have an erection because it could be dangerous for you (heart disease, coronary artery disease, atherosclerosis, and kidney issues). Do not use more than one packet per day. Do not use this medication if you have any allergic reactions to sildenafil.

Kamagra dosage

This medication has sildenafil as the active ingredient. The dosage is between 50mg and 100mg. You should speak to your doctor before using, but should always start at a lower dose and work your way up to perfect efficacy. If you are over 65 years of age, the dose should be reduced to 25mg. To use this medication, you must be someone who has difficulty achieving an erection before sexual intercourse. It begins to work 30 minutes after taking the jelly and can be washed down with water. It is forbidden to be used with alcohol or grapefruit juice. It will be effective for up to 4 hours.

Side effects

There are some side effects associated with use, as with all medications. Some of the most common side effects are nausea, headache, dizziness, temporal pain, diarrhea, blurry vision, flushing of the face. In overdose, the side effects will be more extreme. If there is an overdose, seek medical attention if your erection will not go down. Also, absolutely DO NOT take with nitrates as this can result in death. The effect of alcohol with Kamagra oral jelly is unpredictable and therefore should not be used. This medication works by blocking the PDE-5 enzyme and also increasing blood flow to the penis.

Kamagra price online

The minimum market price is $2.90 USD which is very affordable. The flavor is fruity and delicious. This is a great alternative to Viagra. To buy Kamagra oral jelly online in Australia, you can search for it online. You can also go to this website The Kamagra Oral Jelly can be purchased from this site for 3.30 AUD. It can be delivered to your house so there will be no embarrassing visits to the pharmacy!